Your Power Bill - Helping You To Understand It

Government subsidies / concessions:

Information in New South Wales is consistent throughout the state.  Speak to Centrelink about your eligibility to receive help from the Government.

How to read your bill:

Time of use meters:

Time of use meters are a particular type of electricity meter attached to your house.  They record your electricity use during three different times of the day, rather than just recording a single figure for the entire day.

Time of use meters are beneficial because there are several tariffs available depending on what time of day you use your electricity, rather than a single fixed tariff all day.  During off-peak times (usually at night and on weekends), those tarrifs can be as low as half the usual peak rates.

With a time of use meter, you can ask your electricity retailer to put you on a time of use plan. This means that instead of being charged a flat rate in cents per kWh of electricity used (usually in the order of 30 cents/kWh), you are charged different rates at different times (peak, shoulder and off-peak rates).  On a time of use plan, while the peak and shoulder rates are usually a little higher than the flat rate, the off-peak rates are much lower, often half the flat rate.

This means that if you are not using much electricity during the day (the peak time), and can run your major appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers at night (during off-peak), there is scope for considerable savings on your electricity bill.  Note however, this only works if you can switch a lot of your electricity use to off-peak times.

Also be aware, having a time of use meter does not automatically mean your electricity retailer will put you on a time of use plan.  You have to contact them and request it.

Many newer houses have time of use meters.  Often, older houses in our region do not, but they can be installed at a cost (contact your electrician for costs).

Help when you can’t pay / Financial difficulties:

If you are a Centrelink customer, register for concessions on your energy provider’s website.