SMART METERS give you access to flexible pricing, that is your electricity retailer charges you different rates for electricity at different times of the day. If all of the common appliances such as washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher were consistently operated at off-peak times instead of on a typical flat rate, your household could reduce the cost of using these appliances by up to $150 a year.  Power used in off-peak or shoulder times is cheaper than power used at peak times. Your smart meter ensures accuracy by monitoring your energy use every 30 minutes.

Flexible pricing saves you money if you can change a significant amount of your energy use to off-peak or shoulder times. Use as many appliances as you can during off-peak times when electricity is cheapest. Use timers on your appliances and set the appliance to turn on during off-peak or shoulder times. Charge portable devices such as phones and laptops after 10pm while you sleep rather than when you get home from work.

SMART METERS are costly to have installed but the cost may well be recouped over the following months by immediately saving on electricity costs.