If your power bill seems to be much too high you may need to check your household's 'Stand-by' status! Stand-by' power is the power you use when you're not using your appliance! 

The remote control allows you to switch the appliance 'on' or 'off'.  However, if turned 'off' using the remote it does not stop the electricity from being used to maintain the appliance 'at the ready' for hours, days or months ahead!  The average home can easily add $100 to $120 per year to their electricity bill wasting energy this way.  That problem can be easily managed -  turn OFF the appliance at the wall when it is not in use.  Appliances most often overlooked are television sets, DVD players, games consoles, stereos. 

Any unused appliance which creates even a small amounts of heat or light is unnecessarily using up some of your electricity and adding to your overall energy costs.